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Yacon Syrup and pills act

Yacon Syrup brings inherently many prebiotics with it, such as fructooligosaccharides (FOS). This is particularly essential because FOS is resistant to the natural digestive enzymes and is no calories production into the body. FOS acts as a form of soluble fiber that can enhance the production chair, they can prevent constipation and help in general good health of the digestive tract in.
FOS had been found in Yacon Syrup and pills nourish the flora (good bacteria) in the colon. Dr. Oz mentioned this on his show and called it “thin bacteria” and for good reason, because tests have shown that bacteria such anti-inflammatory properties and can strengthen the immune system. Increasing the number of very good bacteria is a surefire way to achieve a healthy weight and keep. Tests have also shown these bacteria can transform FOS in short chain fatty acids that limit the cholesterol synthesis in the liver and tissues and can improve the sensitivity of the tissue to insulin.


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Yacon Syrup Facts and Pills indications

Yacon Syrup is something that we have already several times previously heard about other products, usually itself from the respective manufacturers like those who brought Yacon Syrup and pills to Internet pharmacies. Yacon Syrup is being pushy touted as the most comprehensive diet for weight reduction and it is widely promoted by Dr. OZ on TV. Let’s find out the main properties of Yacon Syrup and pills.

What are Yacon Syrup and pills?

Yacon Syrup is a sweet substance such as molasses, from which the roots of the plant Yacon extracts is generated. Originally, the plant comes from the mountains of the Andes and has a long history of use, both as a medicinal preparation as well as food. In Bolivia, the roots are often eaten as a natural remedy for indigestion and they are appreciated by diabetics, as an agent that helps to control their condition.

In Brazil the leaves are often brewed into a tea and drunk as a means to keep diabetes at bay , it is unclear how effectual it could be , but Yacon plant is certainly rich in nutritional value and has surprisingly few calories.

One can compare the taste of Yacon Syrup with raisins and figs, and while not everyone loves its taste, many people use Yacon as a low calorie sugar substitute. Yacon Syrup also has a good reputation to promote weight reduction. Yacon Syrup has done well in several scientific tests and has increasingly become a means for losing weight, since it was endorsed by the American TV show host Dr. Oz.

What are tests of Yacon Syrup and pills:

  • 73 % of participants lost weight;
  • 14 of the women lost 5 pounds in a week;
  • The average weight reduction was 2.9 pounds;
  • It is possible to lose an average of 4.8 cm at the waist.


Benefits of Yacon Syrup and pills

  • You can burn fat, suppress hunger and enhance the metabolic rate;
  • Yacon Syrup helps you to consider calorie consumption;
  • Yacon Syrup is clinically proven by several authentic sources and experts in the industry.

How to use Yacon Syrup and pills?

Yacon Syrup is simple to apply and those who want to take their benefits in weight reduction claim, nothing more to do than to take a teaspoon before their meals. Another alternative is as a sugar substitute replacement.

There are also supplements (in tablet form), that can be included as part of a complete food manner. The diet has Yacon to content two products in the series, to be purchased separately or in combination.

The diet with Yacon Syrup and pills can help you to suppress your hunger and burn calories while from (excessive fat deposits), while it enhances your metabolism.

Yacon Syrup and pills also appear to encourage the body to absorb a greater number of minerals from digested food and can make calcium “bio-accessible”.  Some studies suggest it may also improve bone density and prevent the progression of osteoporosis.

As already mentioned, the syrup has many advantages and benefits and you can still learn a lot, but much of the current buzz around the product is due to its ability to promote weight reduction. This has already led to several nutritional supplements that appear on the basis of Yacon Syrup and pills on the market and there will undoubtedly be more, but some blends are not able to harness the power of the syrup sufficient caution should be exercised before one opts for a particular brand of Yacon Syrup supplement. The best and strongest brand is the original Yacon diet.

Are Yacon Syrup and pills good for everyone?

Natural Yacon Syrup
Yacon Syrup may have benefit in particular for people who:

  • Are overweight or obese;
  • Suffer from constipation;
  • Have too little fiber in their diet;
  • Have elevated blood sugar levels.

But Yacon Syrup and pills are not for anyone who is suffering from diarrhea or loose stools recommended,
because it could worsen their condition it and add it to further complications such as nausea, gas, bloating.
People who are allergic to sunflower seeds, Yacon Syrup should also be avoided, since the two plants are related.

Buying tips for Yacon Syrup and pills

Yacon has a long history of medicinal use and is probably one of the oldest natural remedies in the world. Although Yacon Syrup is a relatively new type of processing the natural goodness of Yacon plant, but the syrup is superior to many other forms of Yacon root – including syrup and pills, therefore, seems a spoonful of syrup help to take the medicine easier to be.

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