Yacon Syrup 100% Pure

pure Yacon SyrupYacon Syrup: 100% Pure Diet Supplement

Yacon syrup is originally made from the sap of sugar Yacon with no added sugar. Yacon syrup 100% pure pack (available online) is traditionally applied as a sauce for oatmeal or baked goods. This product is made ​​by the American companies, different natural composition without the inclusion of chemical or artificial additives.

Despite the negative attitude of medical specialists, many TV and pop stars repeatedly claim high efficiency and effectualness of the diet with Yacon Syrup in its 100% pure from. Especially in the currently created several dozen variants of diet programs with this famous American product, allowing losing weight without harmful effects.

Facts about Yacon Syrup 100% pure pack

Using Yacon Syrup during a diet seems reasonable in terms of rationality, because it is characterized by a low glycemic index, decreases the level of sugar in the blood. Diet as a way to lose weight is aimed primarily at reducing the use of products that stimulate hunger, which does not correspond to Yacon Syrup 100% pure pack, whose composition is rich in fructose. Yacon Syrup creates a pleasant feeling, stops violent production of insulin into the blood to decrease the glycemic index. In turn, such a reaction lowers strong feeling of hunger, in which will be difficult to resist the unplanned meals. To satisfy your hunger is best to eat some cookies or sweet dish that is not the most favorable impact on body weight.

Application of Yacon Syrup

Syrup can be the lifeline when a missed appointment is required immediately make food energy product, which is Yacon Syrup in its 100% pure form. Tablespoon syrup replenish energy depot at 50-60 kcal, then it is necessary to use a meal consisting of protein and fat, preferably not containing simple carbohydrates. This way you can avoid the extra calories in the body and quench the unbearable hunger.

After a couple of hours after dinner Yacon Syrup can be arranged in the form of a snack of fruit or vegetable, avoiding the temptation to eat sweets or flour products. Yacon Syrup is also useful in combination with yogurt or cottage cheese, sprinkling the finished dish a pinch of cinnamon, decreases hunger. As a rule, per serving of cottage cheese 150 g is sufficient 10g Yacon Syrup.

Yacon Syrup 100% pure packs are produced in the USA. Each pack contains an inscription on the label «organic». It is also recommended to pay attention to the fact that the composition was not a combination of “sugar color”. Natural product as Yacon Syrup is differs from different color palette – from light yellow to amber and dark, and that is determined by the technology of manufacturing and does not affect blood sugar levels.